The National Careers Challenge 2023

Hi Chris, would be great to speak about an upcoming project that we have.
Do you have any availability over the next few days?

I had no idea who, how and why Liam from The Inspirational Learning Group was contacting me but after a quick google on who they were, I was all in!

I met up with Liam and Grace at Stoke university a few days later to which they delivered me the most exciting and unreal opportunity… To design all the materials for The National Careers Grand Finals 2023 held at the ICC building in Birmingham.

When the meeting was over I called my mum, girlfriend, friends and then went out for tea with my two daughters. You might be reading this thinking ‘Jeez, get over it, it’s just another job Chris’ but to me I knew after 4 years of building and building my business, it was a new beginning. A new chapter for Paper Anchor where I was now working in the event sector. 

Briefing cards, certificates, cue cards, drop down stage banners, foyer screens, room signs, lecterns, lightbox stands, media walls, outdoor banners, name cards, powerpoint presentations, registration kiosks, roller banners (breath) social media posts, selfie boards, event tickets and a 48 page programme to be precise.

When the long hours and hard work was done, I was invited to be a judge at the event and enjoy the afternoon watching the show along with my work wife (Too long to explain now, it needs it’s own post) Claire from Evolve together.

I’ve completely missed the point where I need to tell you what the National Careers Challenge is all about, so here goes…

The National Careers Challenge allows young people to develop skills needed to make informed decisions about their futures. Since 2013, The inspirational learning group have seen 500,000 students participate in the award-winning programme. TNCC in partnership with Natwest, is the UK’s largest careers and enterprise competition, providing students in Years 7 to 10 with real-life business challenges set by leading employers such as Air Products, Airbus and Thorpe Park.

You also might be thinking how well that last paragraph read? Well, I colour in for a living, it’s easier if i just copy the description from TNCC instead lol.

You can also read more about the award winning programme here.

I also forgot to mention the event was hosted by the incredible Ben Hanlin who was brilliant and showed us some magic tricks you just can’t begin to imagine, but yeah, take a look below at some of the work along with photos of the day and i’ll catch you on my next blog!